“Who said i’m gone”Ma Xiaofeng’s words haven’t finished,Xia Jian strode in from the gate of the village committee。Everyone exclaimed。

Where is Ma Xiaofeng standing,I fixed my eyes on this handsome young man,She has nothing to say for a while。
Xia Jian walked straight to the rostrum,He faces all the villagers,Speak loudly:“My Xia Jian has now resigned from all positions in the venture group,I won’t leave this time,I want to build our Xiping Village with the villagers。If everyone believes in my ability,Then vote for me”
Xia Jian’s voice just fell,There was thunderous applause from the audience。Ma Xiaofeng’s face is pale,Before she came to Xiping Village this time,Under the care of a leader in the city,Which leader gave her the nomination of these three village chiefs,Say yes just write up,When the villagers vote,Will definitely vote for these three people。
The key issue is that Secretary Wang,What does he say fair and just,What else is democracy,This is good,Let Zhao Hong take advantage of it,Did not bring Xia Jian up。The news she got before she came was that Xia Jian was not in Pingdu,Then why did he pop up all at once,It feels a bit too coincidental!
Ma Xiaofeng looked blank,She didn’t know what to do for a while。The villagers yelled:“Write Xia Jian!Write Xia Jian!”
The teller from town,Hand holding chalk standing in front of blackboard,Not to write,No, neither is it。The point is that Ma Xiaofeng stands there and doesn’t speak anymore。
Secretary Wang glanced at the situation,Whispered to Ma Xiaofeng:“Hurry up and write Xia Jian!Do you want to wait to see them make trouble?!“
Ma Xiaofeng just woke up like a dream,She nodded to the teller,The teller wrote Xia Jian’s name on it。But at this moment,There was a noise at the gate。Then Chen Gui and Wang Youcai walked in,Wang Youcai also followed a group of their old Wang family。
”I heard that this is a democratic election,Since I just nominated Xia Jian,,Then we also mention one here,That’s Wang Youcai。Wang Youcai should be familiar with Xiping Village,He is also very capable,If he can be the head of our Xiping Village,It is also a blessing to the people of Xiping Village“Chen Gui shouted into the venue。
Ma Xiaofeng frowned,Ask Secretary Wang next to him softly:“Is this Wang Youcai his brother??“
“Ok!You’re right,it’s him。This person is not good,Know money“Secretary Wang whispered。
Ma Xiaofeng is embarrassed,what should I do?This Secretary Wang sang high-profile,It’s a bit hard to get out of control now。Write it!This person seems like the villagers don’t treat him much,But if you don’t write it, he is Wang Youdao’s younger brother。Anyway, Wang Youdao still can’t offend him for the time being。
Ma Xiaofeng weighs repeatedly,She sternly said loudly:“Write Wang Youcai on it“
This time,Sudden changes on the court。Chen Erniu quietly pulled Zhao Hong,Zhao Hong glanced at Chen Erniu,Whisper:“do not worry,I have guarded him“
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