Life is not organized to make your health decline

Life is not organized to make your health decline

Monday: Email.

Create folders for contacts, projects, meetings, etc., and categorize the mails.

Unused mail is firmly removed.

  Tuesday: kitchen.

Put long-term unused cutlery into the carton; throw out the expired food and put it in a conspicuous position.

Flour, cereal, sugar, etc. are placed in a transparent container.

  Wednesday: the entrance hall closet.

Clothes and shoes are placed in categories; pay attention to adjusting the contents at any time according to the season. When the weather is warm, put the sweaters in the storage box.

  Thursday: glove cabinet.

The towels and bath towels are divided into different shelves, and the sheets and bedspreads should also be separated.

Hair dryers, irons, curlers, etc. are placed in a grid, and cosmetics are placed in another grid.

  Friday: Medicine cabinet.

Throw out expired medicines and cosmetics that have not been used in the past three months.

  Saturday: Organize the whole family to clean up.

A monthly or monthly family cleaning plan should be developed, and everyone should perform their duties.

  Sunday: Enjoy.

Arrange for yourself to do things, music, flip through books or magazines, watch movies, go to a newly opened restaurant, and chat with old friends.

In short, you should relax this day and prepare for the next week’s work.