Autumn – a good time for seniors to exercise

Autumn – a good time for seniors to exercise

After entering the autumn, the climate is pleasant. The middle-aged and elderly people can improve their physical fitness and improve the function of the cardiovascular system and the immune function of the body.


Pay attention to the temperature change and fall the temperature difference in the fall. It is necessary to increase or decrease the wear according to the temperature change to avoid the cold.


Eat more fruits, drink plenty of water, dry autumn, and scientifically replenish water.

In addition to paying attention to the hydration before and after exercise, you can also eat more fruits and fresh vegetables in your daily diet to avoid congestion and swelling of the respiratory mucosa.

If you are doing long-distance running, you should also take proper amount of sugar to prevent hypoglycemia.

People with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes are prone to coronary heart disease at the turn of autumn and winter. Therefore, it is best to drink boiled water before exercise to reduce blood and reduce the formation of blood clots.


Controlling the amount of exercise In general, the exercise time of middle-aged and elderly people should not exceed one.

5 hours.

When I exercise, I feel that my body is a little hot, sweating slightly, and feeling relaxed and comfortable after exercise. This is a moderate standard.


Stay away from pollen Autumn is a high season for allergic diseases, so choose a good place during exercise. When this type of wind is blowing, do not exercise in the place where the pollen is flying, to avoid causing allergic diseases.


Adjusting the diet The weather in the fall turns cold, and the body implants a series of often more than consumed transitions.

At this time, pay attention to eating more high-protein foods, not eating greasy food.

At the same time, beware of weight gain, and eat more low-dose foods such as radish, bamboo shoots, kelp, mushrooms, etc.