Excessive weight loss can also affect the liver

Excessive weight loss can also affect the liver

When you mention the liver, many people think that it is a fat person. People who love to drink will get sick. As everyone knows, people who are malnourished and lose weight will also be “invited.”

Spring is here, too much love beauty is busy losing weight, hoping to get rid of the winter aunt, to restore slim body before the summer.

However, experts remind that weight loss needs to be gradual, excessive or too fast, the body will not eat.

  Associate Professor Qu Bo of the Second Hospital of Harbin Medical University told the reporter that some women lose weight by eating or not eating staple foods, only eating fruits, vegetables, cereals, vitamins and other methods for heating weight loss, which is easy to cause malnutrition.

In order to maintain the balance of intake and metabolism, the body will use traces of protein stored in other parts of the body, and transform it into energy through the liver transfer station. Therefore, a large amount of fatty acids enter the liver and form a liver.

  Qu Bo said that adult liver is divided into alcoholic adult liver and non-alcoholic adult liver.

In itself, the number of people suffering from non-alcoholic mild liver is increasing year by year due to bad habits. A large number of people are called high blood lipids and high liver enzymes during physical examination.

Hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia are risk factors for non-alcoholic mild liver disease. Therefore, prevent juvenile liver, diet should be light, eat less high-fat, high-cholesterol foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins;To avoid obesity, you can consume excess aunts by jogging, brisk walking and other aerobic exercise.