Chengdu Qingbaijiang: The street lane reproduces the "City Wellness" and "Fire Fire"

People’s Network Chengdu, April 3, currently, with the gradual release of the consumer market, Chengdu Qingbaijiang’s "city well" "smoke fire" gradually reappeared.

In recent days, the reporter entered the broccoli market in the Qingbaijiang District, special neighborhoods and some catering enterprises, with everyone to feel the "pulsation" of urban recovery.

The flower bird "City Well" is strong on March 29, Sunday, is another day of the flower and bird market. Early, here is full of lively, people wear a mask, leisurely shopping in the market. In the flower bird market, there is a beautiful flower and bird fish inferent; there is a daily necessities involved in the food and clothing, there is a coveted snack … people are lingering in every booth, encounter the merchant goods, after a bargain, I can always be satisfied. Return.

As a result, the girl in the crowd came, the grandmother of the vegetable basket, the little boy of the souvenir fruit … Simple happiness is like this.

A flower shop is full of flowers and green plants. "Boss, how do this flower sell?" "30 yuan, the flower pot is another."

"" Cheap! "" Can send trouble, can’t be less. "

"The boss is busy greeting customers, while busy packing money, busy.

The boss told reporters that the weather is warm, and many families will buy some flowers and grass decoration their own small gardens, and the business is much better than the previous time. The main thing is that the epidemic control, the flower bird market has finally restored the lively in the past.

It is reported that the flower and bird market resumes the city from the 11th day, and it has been fully open as of now. Overseasis "smoke fire" Sheng March 5:30 in the afternoon, the reporter walked into the Characteristic Commercial Block of Miyu Town – eight-eighth alley, feeling a passion for people on the hot pot. An old-fashioned beef hot pot restaurant has already sat many customers, before the hot hot pot, people smile, push the cup to change.

"Our shop will resume business on March 7, according to the requirements of the request to give customers a meal, one store has attracted a lot of old customers, and even some customers come in a distance, business is very good." Boss Huang Guangming told reporters . The sky is gradually darker, and the lights in the eight-year lane lights up, and the whole alley is very beautiful. Customers in the hot pot store are still bustling, and there are still many people waiting in line. "At present, there is a total of 60-70 tables every day, weekend can reach around 100 tables, and the numbers are tens of numbers.

I believe that with the recovery of everyone’s consumption, the catering industry will gradually pick up. Huang Guangming said firmly.

Since ancient times, the smoke fire is the most well. In the eight-year-old alley, the catering industry is ushered in another spring.

(Zhao Zule) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Gao Hongxia).