Cosmeceuticals PK melanin teach you white and tender summer

Cosmeceuticals PK melanin teach you white and tender summer

Summer is here, it’s hard to be a hot summer, and it’s hard for the rainbow fans who love beauty.

Indeed, whitening has always been the focus of skin care.

However, you don’t have to be close to the enemy. Today Yin Tang mainly takes you to analyze the core issues of whitening care, and everyone’s protective equipment must also be upgraded.

  Big whitening problem: Facing melanin first. For melanin, we must abandon the old method of retreating, recognize it and soothe it.

  In fact, melanin is an important element of the skin’s self-defense system. If melanin is not in the skin, it is prone to various skin diseases, which is why the risk of skin cancer is much higher than that of yellow and black people.

Therefore, melanin must exist in our skin cells. It is like a naughty child. Once it encounters external interference or stimulation, it will be awakened by three “passers”, wake up from dreams, and become active.

  So who are these three “passing soldiers”?

The first name is tyrosinase, and some people call it melanocytes. When it receives UVA (ultraviolet) radiation, it will turn into melanin. The second name is nitric oxide, and skin cells are affected by ultraviolet rays., Which catalyzes the production of melanin; the third one is polyamicin No. 1. VGNY skin experts have found that when this guy receives information about ultraviolet rays, emotional stress and hormonal disorders, he will quickly run to melanocytes, saying, “Hurry up, hurry up “, once the melanin is awakened by it, it will become very active, and then run to the surface of the skin, forming nasty dark spots.

Therefore, we must stun the “passing soldiers” and let the melanin sleep forever.

  In the whitening products launched this year, we found that domestic skin experts have recommended several cosmeceutical products for everyone. Then friends have to ask, what is cosmeceutical product?

  The difference between cosmeceuticals and cosmetics: What is the same “makeup” name, what is the difference between placing it in a pharmacy and placing it on the counter?

In fact, the biggest difference between cosmeceuticals and cosmetics is that their formulas always try to be streamlined. They do not contain pigments, fragrances, preservatives and even surfactants, and the content of active ingredients is relatively high, targeted and effective.Sale of cosmetics.

It is different from the cosmetics on the counter: 1) Pharmacy cosmetics are under the supervision of the drug regulatory agency and require stricter requirements. After multiple inspections, cosmetics of unknown origin cannot enter the drug store.

  2) As long as the pharmacy is equipped with a pharmacist, the practitioners are also graduated in medicine, and can provide consumers with free and professional medical and cosmetic consulting services.

  3) “Go to the pharmacy to buy skin care products”. Now some consumers may feel more confused, but some people have already begun to try, and even in some relatively large cities, they have developed into a fashion for urban women.

This has a lot to do with the promotion of manufacturers. The pharmacy itself is safe and a trustworthy image is also a key factor for consumers to accept it.

  4) Pharmacy cosmetics is a combination of “medicine” and “makeup”. This does not refer to its ingredients, but to its sales channels. Why is it that “medicine” and “makeup” are sold together?

Because many skin diseases can not be solved by external products alone, and some non-serious skin problems do not need or consumers are unwilling to go to the hospital, when buying cosmetics in the pharmacy, you can ask the pharmacist to recommend some drugs for internal use.
  Closer to home, let’s return to the problem of combating melanin. Tang mainly reminds everyone that while ensuring effectiveness, the current dark spot suppression products have given safety and naturalness first.

In order to avoid harm to the skin, the products for upgrading and prevention generally adopt natural ingredients that have no irritation to the skin and no complications. Active ingredients can be extracted from plants, which can be absorbed faster, and also have better metabolism.