Psychologist-easy to have emotional conflict at the end of the year

Psychologist: Emotional conflict is prone to occur at the end of the year

Recently, Xiao Wang (male) has made some adjustments in his work. His salary has been replaced by the original 8,000 yuan / month instead of 4,000 yuan / month. He originally thought that the year-end bonus would be supplemented, but found that he was awakened.

Relatives and friends usually have high expectations of him. Recently, his parents asked him to buy 100,000 yuan to buy a house for his brother to get married.

Various factors caused Xiao Wang to feel very depressed and depressed.

Xiao Na (female) did not give him comfort.

In the end, Xiao Wang did not explain to Xiao Na, and went to the field to relax.

  Xiao Na thought that Xiao Wang hadn’t been separated from herself for 3 years, but this time she left alone, thinking that the other party was thinking, so she was very angry.

The two started to quarrel, and Xiao Na’s words were a little harsh, even ridiculous, between them.

Finally, Xiao Wang proposed to break up with Xiao Na.

Three years of love broke down, Xiao Na was very sad and wanted to recover, so she came to Nanjing City Psychological Counseling Center and sought a solution from Dr. Zhou Zhengyi.

  Expert diagnosis: Professor Zhou Zhengyi told reporters that Xiao Wang is smart, kind, and informal.

He also has a strong memory and strong ability. Even after adjustment, his salary is higher than ordinary people.

At the same time, he is very delicate, sensitive, and relatively fragile. He cannot face the setbacks at work properly, and he cannot deal with emotional conflicts rationally.

  Women’s emotions are often “reverse expression”, “beating is pro, cursing is love.”

Xiao Na is just such a person, usually more wayward and harmless.

But when her boyfriend encounters work twists and stresses in life, she could help her boyfriend make a cup of tea, take slippers, care more about the other person in life, listen to the other person ‘s opinions, consider the other ‘s troubles, and let her boyfriend experience some familyWarm.

Re-willful at this time, the result intensified the contradiction.

  Zhou Zhengyi introduced that people’s job opportunities and contradictions in life are often hidden, but now that the year is approaching and the pressure has increased sharply, these contradictions can easily intensify and erupt.

  The number of people who have consulted for various emotional conflicts has increased significantly recently.

Most of them are due to work relationships. Although some are emotional problems, there is also a certain relationship with the work pressure behind them, which leads to conflict under their intensification.

So people should be especially vigilant at this time, don’t let their own emotions erupt, but think carefully about the reasons behind them and how to deal with them.

“Although psychiatrists advocate venting their passions, if there is no solution to the problem, there will be more problems after the conflict erupts.