But Qin Xibei,I won’t just give her the green light,The follow-up remains to be seen and tested。

“Miss Qin,You are too kind,this is what we are supposed to do。”At this time Jiang Yan really wants to praise her wit。
If it wasn’t for my sudden thought,And called Xiao Wu before,Temporarily set up two VIP rooms,I really don’t know what to do now。
VIP room,As the name suggests, it was prepared for Qin Xibei and the delegation,Only people from the delegation and those invited by Qin Xibei can enter。
Of course,If Jiang Yan is not invited,I won’t go in casually。
“that,Let’s get together?”Qin Xibei naturally wouldn’t let Jiang Yan stay outside alone,Because she has to test her,So I directly invited。
“what?OK。”Jiang Yan also worried that Qin Xibei would not invite her,In that case, I have no reason to follow up,Now I hear Qin Xibei’s invitation,An instant feeling of flattery。
See the back of the two leaving,Some people are really happy and some are worried,at this time,Jiang Zhiyuan really wants to rush up again,But after thinking about it, I held back。
Jiang Zhiyuan knew he was cheeky,I know that Qin Xibei doesn’t want to see him,But even so, he has to carry the shame to the end。
He has only one purpose,That is to drag Mengshi down,Even if you can’t get it,Can’t let Mengshi Group,Get this chance of cooperation。
Besides Jiang Zhiyuan,One more person,Go or stay or not。
Qin Feng at this time,I don’t know if I should stay here,Should I go to the VIP room with Jiang Yan and Qin Xibei。
then,Qin Feng stayed in place for a while,While watching Jiang Yan and Qin Xibei’s back with his eyes。