Yoga exercises with pets

Yoga exercises with pets

Interacting with pets, except to lose the frisbee is the cheekbones?

Actually these are too out!

Want to be a new fashion man, try your yoga moves with your pet.

  Posture Name: Pet Yoga Efficacy: This posture can strengthen the sense of balance in the body, help to focus on the mind, and self-control.

The most important thing is that you can get along with your pets more harmoniously and achieve the effect of both entertainment and physical exercise.

For your pet, this is also a brand new challenge and exercise too!

  Wang Yuan: a famous Chinese yogi, a propagator of Indian yoga culture, a psychological counselor appointed by the Hari Indian Yoga Academy.

Her dream is to share the true yoga spiritual culture and lifestyle with everyone.

  Position your feet naturally apart, shoulder-width apart, hands on hips, lift your forward legs, push your heels out, and your toenails are enough to point toward the nose.

  Position two will raise the soles of the legs against the thighs on the other side, hands crossed over the top of the head to keep breathing evenly.

  Yoga vegetarian food: Golden vegetable stew Ingredients: 2 potatoes, 250 grams of pumpkin, 100 grams of tofu.

  Seasoning: curry powder, lemon juice, salt, a small amount of sugar.

  Production: 1.

Peel potatoes and pumpkins and cut into diamond-shaped pieces; 2.

Pour the oil into the pan, use the ginger pan, stir fry the potatoes, add the bean paste, pumpkin, seasoning and water, and simmer.

  Efficacy: Curry is not only delicious, but also wholesome.

The curcumin contained in curry has the effect of protecting the heart and preventing heart failure.

For hypertensive patients, curcumin in curry can prevent and reverse cardiac hypertrophy and restore heart function!

Potatoes and pumpkins are the best products for detoxification.