“Why are you so careless!Only one express can make a few money,A complaint,You did it for nothing this day!”

Sun Luyao rolled her eyes,This Tian Dazhuang’s mind-blowing guarantees quantity but neglects quality guarantee,I secretly handled a few complaints for him before,I didn’t expect that I still don’t have a long memory。
“after,You must pay attention!”
Got in the car,After helping Sun Luyao put the suitcase in the car,Tian Dazhuang also naturally sat in the car。
Sun Luyao curled her lipscfsnake.,Tian Dazhuang’s move,Finally, he did not live up to his own little move of giving him a position。
Just don’t know why,It would have taken tens of minutes by car,After Tian Dazhuang sat up,,Sun Luyao also feels that time flies quickly。
After arriving at the station,Tian Dazhuang accompanied Sun Luyao to get the ticket,Sent her to the ticket gate again。Sun Luyao suddenly discovered,It seems that after receiving his suitcase from Tian Dazhuang,Two people never said that。
A pity,But Sun Luyao still didn’t say anything。
“When will you come back?I will pick you up then!”Tian Dazhuang looked at Sun Luyao and asked with a smile。
I heard Tian Dazhuang’s question,Sun Luyao was obviously taken aback,And then said:“No more,A blind date was arranged at home,If nothing unexpected,This may be the last time we met!”
The smile on Sun Luyao’s face is a bit stiff,But the voice is very peaceful,Also very calm。
Tian Dazhuang suddenly felt like he was punched,Or a shot in the chest is also very appropriate。
Blank in mind,There is not much vocabulary,It’s even worse now。
Looking at Sun Luyao,What did Tian Dazhuang want to say to him,But I don’t know how to speak。
“I will check the ticket in a while,Would you like to wait here with me for a while?”
Sun Yaolu shook his body gently,Seems to be waiting for something,Just a station where people go,No one can give pointers to a man and a woman who are at a loss。
“it is good。”