Claret up! Shanxi Liulin jujube first festival came

  Liulin County, Shanxi Province is located in the east coast of the Yellow River, black coal have dates. At a press conference held on September 5, Liulin County announced on September 23 – 25, held in Liulin, China’s first cultural festival dates, one bright spot is set in eight tourist areas along the Yellow River jujube picking at the venue. The conference site. It is reported that Shanxi Liulin jujube 28 acres of forest, located away from the beach on the ground within the range of 50-1500 m Yellow River, to a large, thin skin, flesh, core small, fresh color, sweet and famous.

The average annual output of 30 million kg of red dates, processing dates billion kilograms, jujube industry and its associated industries with an annual output value of 500 million yuan. According to reports, China’s first-Liulin jujube Festival main venue in Liulin County Stadium, and set eight tourism picking the venue in the area along the Yellow River jujube.

The main venue for the opening ceremony will be built field area, local agricultural products exhibition area, traditional snacks tasting area, arts and crafts and traditional cultural display area four major exhibit area, and held the dates and Industry Development Forum held investment signing ceremony. In the meantime, water boat Yangko, Guzi Yangge, umbrella duet, playing and singing, storytellers blind, affections, Jinju and other traditional cultural tour performances, "scilloides red" theme photography, painting dates cultural folk songs, calligraphy date incense Park, Yellow dance move large pen pen and zaolin bicycle motocross and other activities will also be staged by.