Summer beach beauty cultivating sun-tanning sexy skin _1

Summer beach beauties

Introduction: All kinds of gorgeous sun on the beach, sunglasses, tulle bikini, sun and sea good figure.

However, whether it is a healthy style sunbathing, or a wind-surfing, the beauties know that behind the high-profile “sun” sexy, there is a high density of sun protection!

Who would ruin well-maintained skin for a short beach vacation?

After all, the summer is still long, and hot and sexy should be left to slowly “sun”!

  Lightweight: beach show beach sun protection keywords-refreshing isolation of beautiful women on the beach, do not all seem to be going to the water, wear flowery bikinis, put on a variety of styles of tulle, order a cup of sex on the beach,The task on the beach is to enjoy the beach and look forward to it.

  It is conceivable that on the “Beach Show”, you will definitely put on a light makeup and take a beautiful photo; or with your boyfriend you Lennon, hide under a parasol and enjoy a sweet vacation; looking forward to the encounter,What’s more, you should always “makeup” and show confidence and charm.

At this time, to choose fresh and insoluble sunscreen products, it is best to at least isolate the makeup and even the effect of photosensitive phosphoric acid.

  Middleweight: Sunbathing Beach Sunscreen Keywords-High multiple sunbathing is a major theme of the beach.

High sun protection is most important.

Compared with ordinary urban sunscreens, beaches and sands are the reflection of ultraviolet rays from the sea and the beach. Even if you hide under a large umbrella, more ultraviolet rays will be reflected in.

Coupled with the clear sea air, ultraviolet rays can penetrate the air more directly and reach the skin surface.

The so-called high-power sun protection depends on the SPF value of protection against UVB (SPF1 stands for about 15 minutes of protection and SPF30 lasts for 10 hours), and the PA index of protection against UVA (the killer that causes skin aging) is more important.

Beach sun protection must be PA +++.

  Sun protection on the beach, the part is very important, if you miss it, it will make you lose all your achievements.

As long as it is exposed, it must be compact sun protection.

In addition to sun protection, focus on the collarbone, neck, chest, thigh roots, back of parts, etc., the back should also be evenly coated with sunscreen to prevent dark hair marks.

Needless to say, this is of course a good reason for you to ask your male companion to apply sunscreen for you. An important drama when sunbathing cannot be forgotten!

  Heavyweight: seawater swim beach sunscreen keywords-waterproof swimming surfing sail yacht, seaside swimming is unavoidable, coupled with the sun sweat, beach sunscreen products need to have excellent water and sweat resistance.

If you are going to the sea for a variety of water sports, you must choose a highly waterproof sunscreen, so that you will not sunburn your skin while playing.

  For the waterproofness of sunscreen products, the simplest test method is to put sunscreen on your hand and put it in water. When you pick it up again, the rounder the shape of the water droplets on the hands, the better the waterproof effect.
However, it should be noted that such a sunscreen with excellent waterproof properties is naturally impossible to rinse after washing with water. Be sure to use a makeup remover and carefully remove the sunscreen to prevent pores and acne.