Although the Western sword is already a sport product,Shine on the world stage,But Qin Feng still looks down on this weapon。

Because besides the stab,There are no other damage points。
This thing is reasonable and is about speed。As long as you react fast enough,Fast enough,In addition, the higher the coordination of the eyes, the body and the brain,The better your chances of winning。
But if you use the Huaxia sword to compete with the Western sword,Basically, Huaxia Sword is better。
However, the current situation is that Qin Feng is empty-handed against the enemy,He doesn’t know how to use iron fist。Naturally won’t go head-to-head with each other。
I have to say is,Although Qin Feng can dodge the opponent’s attack。But in terms of the scene,Qin Feng looked very embarrassed。It’s like being chased and beaten。
“Ugh,I used to think how powerful this newcomer would come out without weapons。”
“Yes indeed,I was looking forward to it just now,But now take a look,It turned out to be running。But speaking,This rookie seems to be a little faster than the Bernabeu。”
“Yes,If the Bernabeu wants to win,You have to seize an opportunity。Just do it,Maybe one hit kills。”
“Ugh,have a look!”
In fact, Qin Feng didn’t feel very relaxed in the process of avoiding。Only then did he face up to his opponent。
“I seem to be a little conceited。Can come to study in this college,Even the students who have been in the college for a period of time are definitely not comparable to the wild school。They have a set of scientific theories to practice。How much better than the kind of people I have explored。Besides,The college also innovates,It should be better than some old school methods。”
Bernabeu was very dissatisfied while Qin Feng was talking to himself for analysis。
“Bastard,Will you just hide and run?What a duel like this?

“Aha,I like this,You bite me?Obviously you are not as fast as me,Can’t hit me!Weak chickens can’t do all kinds of provocations。Do you think the whole world will listen to you?”Qin Feng taunted while running。
Bernabeu was a little messy when he was so angry that he swung his sword.。
But Qin Feng couldn’t seize the opportunity to fight back。