Stay away from illegal campus loan to Chongqing branches to send financial knowledge into the campus

  Send financial knowledge into the campus.

Bank of Communications, Chongqing Branch, is reported. In this preaching, the exchange staff will focus on "personal financial information security protection" "Personal Financial Information Security", "Personal Financial Information Safety Protection", "Personal Financial Information Safety Protection", etc. "The knowledge and cases such as card fraud" let college students master the basic financial knowledge, develop good financial habits, resist illegal financial activities.

  On the spot, how to correctly prevent telecommunications network fraud, correctly identify network illegal fund-raising, illegal financial advertisements, virtual currency transactions, etc., and wear vivid and interesting financial knowledge Q & A and small games, helping students Easy and pleasant atmospheres learn financial knowledge, improve the ability to identify and address financial fraud, and promote the financial positive energy.

  The relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Self-trade District Branch said that in the future, the bank will continue to carry out financial knowledge into the campus, enter the community, into the countryside, etc. The masses do practical things. (Bank of Communication Chongqing Branch) (Editor: Cover Pure, Zhang Wei) Sharing Let more people see.