Cotton underwear hurts the reproductive organs

Cotton underwear hurts the reproductive organs

Summer is the season with the highest temperature in a year, and the body’s metabolism is very strong.

Many people think that cotton fabrics are the best, especially underwear, some people do not buy cotton, in fact, this may not be suitable for you.

  For people who are prone to sweating, especially those who drive a lot, cotton underwear absorbs sweat, but it is not easy to dry. The skin that comes into contact with the skin is prone to redness, itching, eczema or lice.

  In fact, an important function of the underwear is to protect the male anal pill, and to reduce the friction between the thigh and the outer pants, and also prevent the leakage of odor.

Cotton clothing is really good, but it may not be suitable for all men. It is more inappropriate for men with sweaty physique and men with military uniforms to drive.

Choose a fabric that feels smooth, sweat-absorbent and easy to dry.

  In addition to fabrics, the choice of style is also important.

Men’s underwear has a pair of boxers and briefs.

In proportion to the briefs, the boxer pants reduce the restraint and friction on the thigh roots and are breathable.

But try to fit when choosing a boxer, don’t be too tight, and don’t be too loose.

The genital organs produced by the tight underwear have an effect, and the loose underwear is bloated in the trousers.

  There are a lot of so-called “humanized” underpants on the market, some of which are cut in key parts, or those that are specifically designed for the thicker characteristics of jeans.

These humanized underpants have better breathability and are more conducive to protecting the reproductive organs.