After doing it,Luo Luo retired。

Three people staring at the TV screen at the same time,Ding Kun smiled,Song Litao and Sun Yongli are watching TV screens very seriously。
The image displayed on the TV screen should be on the side of a road。
at this time,There are two groups of young men in suits standing neatly there,Age about twenty-two or three,Each team is seven,In front of these two teams of young people,Is a 27-year-old man。
Passersby on the side of the road who don’t know the situation,I thought these people belonged to the insurance company,Incentives before the ongoing business visit,So it didn’t cause any onlookers。
“This is the person in charge of that district,Called Azhong。”
Ding Kun pointed his finger at the man on the TV screen,Introduce Song Litao and Sun Yongli:“This is the capable team he organized in twenty minutes。”
He handed each of them a cigarette,Ignite yourself,Took a sip,Continue:“I know Yunxiang from Qingshui Village,People are ruthless,Reliable,Personal talent。”
“But i can say that,This Azhong under me,Compared with Yunxiang,Never miss,The person in charge in each of my districts is such a character!”
Song Litao and Sun Yongli listened to what Ding Kun said,Nodded quickly,Admiration in my eyes。
Then the three continued to stare at the TV screen。
I saw the middle-aged man named Ah Zhong on the screen shouting to the two teams of young people in front of him:“Do you understand!”
Close combat