I know Yao Yao is teasing herself again,Lan Youmeng naturally didn’t mind uncovering Yao Yao’s scars.。

Sure enough Yao Yao smiled angrily,Nodded and smiled:“well,Sneak attack, unprepared, I became the capital of your God’s armed display,Call you shrimp soldiers and crabs,I don’t make your mother recognize you!”
Lan Youmeng smiled but said nothing,What kind of generals and what kind of soldiers,On the mouthpiece,The remote gate of Paradise Island has always been tough!
Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Five Tit for tat
People staying at the inn,They were all picked off one by one by Lan Youmeng,Mo Mo, the strongest foreign aid, is greedy for Lan Youmeng’s body,Declaring a colleague。
Except Mo Mo himself,Everyone in the inn doubted,As long as Lan Youmeng hints something to Mo Mo,Mo Mo would tie Xiang Chen Wuhua into Lan Youmeng’s room。So in an hour-long contest,Xiangyang and the others will hardly ever have any chance to speak,Lest Lan Youmeng climb along the pole,Make the already embarrassing team more passive。
Just in the face of Lan Youmeng who has come to China for a forced marriage,Everyone feels weak in their momentum。
Losing streak,In the end, I can only pin my hopes on the suffering master Xiang Chen。I ended my single career in such a daze,Still cruel and cruel,Finally, God is armed to make trouble,The right to choose and the consequences,In the end all fell on Xiang Chen alone。
Glanced around,Xiang Chen probably understands everyone’s meaning,After all, it was one person who carried all Xiang Chen,Struggling to squeeze a smile that is considered a smile to Lan Youmeng。
“Little Lan Na!Since I came to China,You should understand the culture of China,This twisted melon is not sweet…”
Xiang Chen’s fast organizational language,Only when I returned to the inn, I met my half nemesis,It really makes Xiang Chen a little bit helpless。
Think of quotations,But only half said,Xiang Chen looked at Lan Youmeng and lost his words。
I never thought I would retire,Warrior,Are all dying in the rain of bullets;But embarrassingly,When I decide to retire,I forgot to have such a promise to Lan Youmeng after drinking…
Xiang Chen keeps sighing about the mistake of drinking,But I don’t know how I should face Lan Youmeng。