But the Golden Crow Sacred Palace is confident,That shocking knife just now,Let it see the very familiar knife meaning,That is a kind of annihilation power,Not from Huo Tianzun,But its master,Killed the holy emperor’s father, God Bear,Although the scene is completely different,But the crisis situation is similar,The same is exhausted,But the master of Huo Tianzun split the invincible bear into two halves with the intent of the sword.。

This black knife light is actually the same as the black flame in the heart of the holy fire cornerstone,Are derived from sky fire,But more powerful,More extreme,Possess the power of annihilation,The lethality bursting out of the blade has already triggered the force of the ground rules。
But after Huo Tianzun inherited the knife,,Although with its terrible strength, the power of the broken knife can be used to the fullest,But can’t provoke the power of annihilation,It’s hard to inherit the essence of Broken Blade,This is a pity in his life,Knowing that it’s not just personality and understanding,But a chance,Maybe it can be called Providence。
Until Huo Tianzun met a boy in the mainland ruins,I found that the knife was very close to this child,So my heart moved,After taking the boy for five days,And left him the broken knife。
Unexpectedly, the teenager is tenacious,It took three years to cross the mainland,With broken knife,Through hardships and obstacles,Actually walked alive to the Rootless Sea, the easternmost remnant of the mainland,There is also the entrance to the free world。
This is how Huo Tianzun, who never accepts disciples, decides the young man as a successor,It seemed to him that it was God’s will,But how to teach the teenager has become his heart disease,Because he can’t figure out where the logic of annihilating power is,Until lost in the fantasy board,He didn’t have time to teach the young man a half-style,As for how to continue the essence of Broken Blade,I can only see the chance of the boy。
now,Boy did it,But it’s definitely not the way Huo Tianzun imagined,In fact, even the boy himself doesn’t know,。
The free world is an incomplete world,Is the product of artificial construction,The rules are simple and rough,There are no underlying rules to support,and so,The power that wants to provoke annihilation is undoubtedly a foolish dream。
But one guy can do it,Is the big eyeball,Super learning ability enables it to work in any unfamiliar environment,Quickly recognize and integrate,This is as a chaotic creation‘eternal’The most powerful ability。
After getting acquainted with the entire free world and the surrounding void environment, Big Eyeball,Made a very small place,Specifically it is itself、juvenile,And the mysterious guardian of the temple,Opened a gap for their god hidden world,Absorbed the power of a trace of the underlying rules in the void。
Although it’s just such a trace,Is the change of nature,of course,For the whole free world,Big eyeballs are what Qiongqi can and are difficult to transform,Can only be destroyed,Don’t know,Such a change in nature,Will affect the whole situation。
This passing,Although the teenager is still in the dark,He is exhausted at this moment,Only one strength left,It’s as desperate as if you were hungry and cold when crossing the continent and met a terrible beast,But he still resolutely walked towards the second stalagmite,Ability is missing,But the fighting spirit is still there,As long as the knife is in hand,He is not afraid of any opponent,Big deal with the knife。
Unhappy teenager,The pace is not very steady,Under all eyes,Go to the side of the stalagmite that collapsed half of the pond,Then he raised his right arm high without stopping,And hacked it down hard。
Then the stalagmite is broken into two pieces,Except Golden Crow,No one has seen that terrifying black line appear again,Most people only feel that their vision is slightly distorted,Nothing more,I guess the boy must have an indestructible transparent treasure in his hand,Maybe it’s the heritage of the temple,Or maybe it was Huo Tianzun who left him secretly to his direct disciple。
Continuous boom,The other three stalagmites in different directions drilled into the ground at almost the same time,Did not make the horrible hiss when he was born,Extremely decisive,Only the horrifying pit left。