Scar man walked directly into the house after he finished talking,Don’t look at Leo。

Leo didn’t care about the other party’s attitude and went in,The Moses members around looked at Leo in awe,No one dares to stop。
Although Scar Man has a bad attitude,But no mess,The walking speed is well controlled,Make sure that Leo can keep up。
quickly,A group of people entered a lobby。
“1.5 billion business,You can’t eat it alone!”Leo is not sitting either,Speak directly。
“Let’s not talk about strength,I want to hear what business it is,Can a navy man find me!”Scar man followed and spoke。
“Who i am has nothing to do with you,As long as I have money?”Leo replied,“I want a batch of slaves,Want your people to attack a village,But you are not enough!”
“Oh?Actually looted the village?”Scar man was a little surprised。“it is good,In that case, let you see the strength of my Moses union!”
First37chapter Arashio
Scar Man did not finish talking for long,In the lobby, there appeared one after another with quite good strength。
Most of these people are over fifty,There are three more than sixty levels。
Leo looked around and looked at the Scar Man。
Up to72Level of,Even in the navy can become a general。
One72level,Three sixties,More than ten and fifty levels,There are also a large group of ordinary members,Such a lineup is enough to compete for hegemony in the world,But the shampoo land in the center of the world is only a second-rate force。
“Such strength is not bad,Barely enough!”Leo nodded。
Actually,There are only twenty or thirty generals in the world,Leave these people alone。
The forces that can be called first-class strength are all strong at level 85 and above.。