First2514chapter Take a step back
Xia Jian stood up,Rushed to Lin Ruo and said with a smile:“thank you for your kindness!go to bed early,Call me if you have anything”
Xia Jian left after talking,Because he doesn’t know if he sits down again,How should I answer Lin Ruoyun’s question?。But Lin Ruoyun saw that Xia Jian was leaving,She immediately chased up,She asked anxiously:“Xia Jian!what do you mean?Don’t you believe me?Tell you the truth,I have investigated you”
Lin Ruoyun’s words,Surprised Xia Jian。He stopped,Hold Nai’s inner anger,He asked softly:“What do you want to do?”
“Very simple,Tell Guan Tingna,Let her respect me,Acknowledge my status in their old family,Nothing more。Besides, you bring a message to Guan Tingna,I marry her dad not to use their family’s property,Because i’m an orphan,It’s no use asking for so much money,Can’t keep anyone。If the old pass lets me guard,I stay behind,Guan Tingna’s”
When Lin Ruoyun said this,,Emotional。
Xia Jian looked at this beautiful woman,I didn’t expect her to have such a life experience,But true or false,He didn’t know how to decide。
The liquor that I drank started tossing in my stomach,Xia Jian put one hand on the wall,Then he shook his head hard and said:“All right!Don’t say anything,Let me go!I will tell Guan Tingna all this”
Stagger,Xia Jian opened the door and rushed out。Li Yue just stood at the door,She reached out,So he supported Xia Jian who almost fell。
When I saw Li Yue,The tight string in Xia Jian’s heart immediately relaxed,I don’t know anything after this relaxation。
How come back to the place,Xia Jian didn’t know anything at all。He wanted to get Guan Zhenshan drunk with his own liquor,Let’s talk after passing the first level,I didn’t expect to put myself down。
“Hey!Wake up quickly,Sleeping again is really going to happen”
A nice voice from a woman came from her ear。Xia Jian thought he was dreaming。
Xia Jian opened his eyes hard,I found the sun was shooting in from under the curtain。He turned sideways to take a look,I saw Guan Tingna sitting on the chair in front of his bed,Two nice big eyes staring at him。
“This is how the same thing?It’s been a few days now?And who did I get it back last night?”
Xia Jianyi’s question to ask。He asked Guan Tingna,Sit up and get up。As soon as he sat up,I found out that he was naked,Only wore a pair of underwear。Xia Jian was shocked,Lay back quickly,And also wrapped the quilt tightly。