Caravan incarnation "propagandist" to help Yanqing welcomes winter

Original title: The caravan incarnation "publicity" helps Yanqing welcomes the Winter Olympics "to say that civilization, civilization, civilization, civilized people, civilized host, building the most beautiful winter Olympic city" propaganda slogan and new era LOGO’s caravan slow Traveled in the streets of Yanqing. The car is looped to play "Happy event, funeral" "Use the custom to eat wild animals" "Forbidden burning fireworks and firecrackers, guarding Yanqing to clear the water" "civilized walking dog, safeguard public health" "participation in the village cleaning action "Waiting for the" five major uncivilized behavior "special governance content and epidemic prevention and control measures.

  This year, the Yanqing District Committee propaganda department (Civilization Office) combines the "civilized city to welcome the winter Olympics" and the current epidemic prevention and control work, actively implement the four-party responsibility, once again enters the community, village, village, with mobile propaganda The way "five major uncivilized behavior" special governance action promotion.

Calls on the masses to act together, turn ideas, break the old customs, and new winds, and jointly participate in the construction of the national civilized urban creating results, win the epidemic prevention and control and preventive and attack, help "civilized urban welcoming winter Olympics Action".

  In addition, the Yanqing District Committee propaganda department (Civilization Office) also issued a "five major uncivilized behavior" special governance action and epidemic prevention and control measures, U disk, etc., and guided the merchant how Use, convenient for merchants to loop play, continuously deepen the rural shifting of Yanqing District, promote rural people’s environmental remediation, effectively curbing the rules of disabilities, establish civilization, health, green, and environmentally friendly lifestyle, to create a good person in Yanqing District Location of the environment in the environment.

  Li Yanfen, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of Yanqing District, said: "Next, we will continue to follow the specific arrangements for the topic of the top theme ‘five major uncivilized behavior special rectification actions, relying on the’ Cann car ‘and propaganda small speakers. And other publicity tools, in-depth community streets in all districts, and tips for the daily behavior of the citizens, and jointly resist the five major uncivilized behaviors.

At the same time, organize persuasion teams and deepen the directions of the respective main roads to persuade guidance, and increase the law enforcement inspection. Through the ‘Honghe Blanket’ exposure program, play a good atmosphere of the media supervision, create a good atmosphere created by civilization, and guide the masses to talk about the new wind of civilization, build a civilized and harmonious most beautiful winter.

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